I’m back!

by balanceofbliss

It’s the beginning of November and the start of the end-of-the-year rush.  You know, that time when you reflect on the goals you have and have not accomplished, and the time when you start to concoct the resolutions you’re going to make for the approaching new year?  Yes, it’s that time.

One of the things I love most about this reflection process is not focusing on what was expected, but rather those unexpected surprises that shaped your present.  Are you really where you thought you’d be?  Did things happen the way you thought they would?  As I get older, I find the answer being “no – hardly any of this is as I expected.”  And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I am not only more than ok with this – in fact, I prefer it.

Over the past thirty years of my life I’ve been planning for success; planning for fame; planning for popularity; planning to be important; planning to plan for the sake of planning!  And you know what?  It’s all blown up in my face.  However, with all this “failure” I’ve realized that I just wasn’t ready to pursue whatever it is I am meant to pursue.  Reason being is simple: I hadn’t discovered my niche yet – or better yet, I hadn’t discovered me yet.  I was stuck on trying to copy and emulate what success looked like for instead of embracing what success might look like for me.

So, here I am in Philadelphia for two days attending a Social Media Marketing seminar and a networking event for Nutrition Entrepreneurs.  I’ve decided I may be ready to start developing this business plan of mine.  I’m giving myself a year to figure out what I have to offer.  I’m calling this journey “Balance of Bliss” – a blog I’ve had for about 3 years that has completely failed because it lacked direction and focus.  Well, I’m hoping I can figure that direction out now.

Matt and I married almost a month ago on October 11th – it was near perfect with our dearest family and friends.  Since then I’ve had this overwhelming sense of purpose, love, and relief.  I’ve had this crazy notion that I actually have a voice with something important to say and that people actually want to hear from me.  It’s going to take diligence, dedication, time, ambition, – and probably a little more failure.  But if I’ve got anything, I’ve got determination and a damn good man behind me.

I’m ready.  Not quite sure what that means – but I’m ready.