Pechakucha… an inspired presentation

by balanceofbliss

Last week I presented for the New Hope/Lambertville chapter of Pechakucha at ACME Screening Room which was organized by the incredible Liz Sheehan.  It was a blessed experience where I took a leap of faith on my blog… this… Balance of Bliss.  All of the presenters were awesome and unique and inspiring. I’m so thankful for these little river towns where I am able to embrace my “old” life and enjoy my “new” life at the same time.

While the video of my presentation will be available within the next few weeks, I’ve been venturing onto the Pechakucha site and listening to others from around the world.  Here is one I fell in love with – Designing Personal Sustainability – as it runs fairly parallel to where I’m at now… how timely!