Bio: Like most 30 year-old's, I've been through my fair share of love, loss, renewal, disappointment, failure, success, yadda, yadda, yadda. I curse a lot, I might drink a little too much wine, and if my favorite song comes on? Forget it. Bet your ass I'm singing and dancing my heart out. I live with passion - always have, always will. BUT, what I've discovered is that if I don't balance "me" with "me", I'm just a jumbled mess of... well, "me". So, here I am, friends! Raise your glass and SALUTE to "me" and "you"! How do I deal? How do I cope? I cook. I run. I read. I "do" pilates. I make myself get up early and enjoy the peace of the morning. I continue to make mistakes, but I also continue to grow. Life is what we make of it, right? I hope you'll enjoy my blog. My mission is to combine the knowledge I have about health and nutrition with my personal experiences. My mission is to balance bliss and have fun along the way. Anecdotes, recipes, and God only knows what else. Brace yourself...

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