Keeping it simple.


As a verb, bliss is defined (by Google) as “reaching a state of perfect happiness, typically as to be oblivious to everything else”. I like this.  What resonates with me is the to be oblivious to everything else because it gives me the grace, the power, the allowance, to be in my own moment without distraction. “Sorry, I can’t right now, I’m experiencing bliss”.  How great!

Yesterday I was at my first professional dietetics conference as a newly credentialed DTR.  We had a lovely discussion on slowing down to savor the food we eat, enjoy the people we are dining with, and allowing ourselves to “take lunch” rather than “take a quick lunch”.  There is nothing complicated about this concept and yet it is something we (mainly women, I think) have a hard time practicing.  Taking the time, allowing ourselves to separate and enjoy the bliss of a moment is something we need to  make a cognitive decision of every day.

The majority of my friends and family are married and either have a baby on the way or have their families started.  I can only imagine how challenging balancing home and professional life is for them.  But, maybe you guys have the advantage!  You have a really good excuse to slow down and make Sunday dinners the priority.  You have the chance to teach your children and remind yourself that food is delicious nourishment and a fueling gift we give to ourselves throughout the day!  This goes for all of us: I believe food is medicine and, next to physical activity and socialization, the best form of preventative care we have. This is important stuff and we have many opportunities throughout the day to do good for our bodies.

I want to keep this first post short so I’ll just share about what I did this morning and part of the routine I am challenging myself to keep.  So, my alarm went off at 5:40am.  I hit snooze once and woke up at 6:30am.  After taking Ms Jasper for a walk, I came back in and immediately started thinking about and having anxiety about all the piles of work I have on my desk.  Then I stopped.  I physically stopped myself and said “make yourself a damn breakfast sandwich.  A really, really delicious oozy-yolk, breakfast sandwich.” I did.

If I can give anyone a piece of advice on adding excitement to your dishes: get friends from all over India. Why?  Because their sauces and chutneys are packed with healthy flavor and can take any food and knock it up.  Have them cook for your, have them teach you, and fill your cabinets with their spices. If I wasn’t marrying Matt I would totally look for a hot Indian guy (which wouldn’t be hard to find) with a family who loved to cook (that wouldn’t be hard to find either).  Trust me, these people have it going on!!

I digress, back to my sandwich and morning bliss.  Yesterday at my parents I plucked a green tomato.  This morning I fried three slices of said tomato, over-easied an egg, slathered some North Indian chutney onto my multigrain toast, and stopped thinking about everything I had to do. I focused on the textures, the complexities of the flavors, the sweet sourness of the green tomato, the smoothness of the yolk, the fire of the spread, the crunch of the bread!  Bliss!  If only for 7 yummy minutes, complete culinary bliss.

Posts will be getting longer and more in depth with recipes and such, but I felt the need to publish something… that sandwich inspired me.